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Piaget unveils its new watch creations.


3344vva在线播放兽人网Piaget unveils its new jewellery creations.

Limelight Gala white gold luxury watch with sapphires

Born from Glamour, Experience Limelight Gala

Radiant light and audacious energy for more than 40 years,
3344vva在线播放兽人网Limelight Gala is the glamour reference. A new era of decadence begins with dynamic dials, gradient diamonds and so much more.

Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept ultra-thin luxury watch

The world's thinnest mechanical watch

The Altiplano Ultimate Concept is no longer just an ambitious experiment in breaking the boundaries of horological micro-engineering, but a fully developed and tested watch that is now available for watch lovers and collectors to buy, own and use.

Possession rose gold diamond jewellery for Ramadan gifts

Just a moment...

Life is made up of a million moments.
The precious ones we remember are moments of gratitude, joy, peace, love and pride.
During this moment, as we reflect at home with our loved ones, Piaget celebrates all the private, intimate, and shared moments we are so thankful for.

So as you take a moment, wait a moment, or make a moment, please, share it with us.

We are all stronger together.
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piaget polo luxury steel watches

Dynamic, bold, Polo

Polo, a convention-breaking watch that marries sleek and sporty, casual and chic.

piaget altiplano ultra-thin watch for men

Ultimate Elegance

A watch of ultimate distinction, for those who believe that understated is the new luxury.

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